Pussy Riot乐队既不是摇滚也不是朋克


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  •   Pussy Riot are neither rockers nor punks, renowned Orthodox rock-missionary believes

      Sergy院长是一位知名的正统传教士,与非正式青年一起工作,是两所莫斯科教堂的院长。他对Pussy Riot乐队将在救世主大教堂的胡作非为称作是朋克亚文化感到愤慨。他自称年轻时也是一名嬉皮士,但对教堂一直都有所敬畏,她们的行为应该受到惩罚。

      Moscow, March 14, Interfax - Renowned Orthodox missionary, who works with informal youth, rector of two Moscow churches Hegumen Sergy (Rybko) is outraged that Pussy Riot girls who held a scandal action in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior say they belong to the punk subculture.

      "I'm outraged that certain girls of impudent behavior called themselves a punk group. I certainly can call myself a Pope of Rome or a Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, but I won't be either of them. First, punks, as far as I know them, are not for sale. And here, it is evidently an ordered action," Father Sergy said in his interview published by the Krestovsky Most Orthodox paper.

      Father Sergy believes that Pussy Riot's texts are far from rock and punk. "Rock music, especially punk rock, is made in an absolutely different manner. Rock is intellectual, rockers are intellectuals. Even if they don't agree with something in the Church, rockers don't express their protest like this," the priest stressed.

      He is against strict punishment for Pussy Riot girls, but believes that the incident shouldn't be left without reaction: "let them pay a fine or sweep streets and think over the things they did, so that others won't repeat it."

      "I also belonged to informal youth when I was 17, I was a hippie. But we always respected the Church. It was something inspiring, unapproachable for us. Perhaps we didn't agree with everything. But it was absolutely impossible for us to behave outrageously in the church. We entered it with awe. And today true rockers and punks could not have allowed such blasphemy as did the girls who groundlessly called themselves a punk group," the priest said.




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